Paul Pfeiffer

Paul Pfeiffer was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, in 1966 but spent most of his childhood in the Philippines. Pfeiffer relocated to New York in 1990, where he attended Hunter College and the Whitney Independent Study Program. Pfeiffer’s groundbreaking work in video, sculpture, and photography uses recent computer technologies to dissect the role that mass media plays in shaping consciousness.

Paul Pfeiffer’s works are very interesting. He usually removes main characters in the situation like boxers in boxing game or the number of basketball player who scoar a goal. At first, I thought ” why he removes those things?”. I think maybe Pfeiffer wants to focus on surrounding around the main characters like mass. We usually focus on who plays the game or who scoar a goal. By removing thoes things, we can look again the things that we usually do not concentrate. And then I saw an explaination of his work:  Both Pfeiffer’s sensibility and his technique are products of contemporary culture as he pulls video of sports events, pageants, and newscasts off television and then digitally manipulates the images to comment on the frenetic pace and dehumanizing qualities of a consumption-oriented, media-driven culture. And I realized what he wants to say. By focusing on the mass, he want to describe the situation sports playesr became a kind of crowns, mass wants more exciting game and media try to make the game issues. During the game, there is no concern about player.

I hope my reacting to art become better and better.