To Jeff Baij..

My major is not an art. I never studied about art and watching art is not my interest. So after taking this art class, Every art works given as an assignment makes me confusing. I always wonder, ‘what is an art? If an artist gives meaning, then the objects becoming art pieces? If their art pieces are exhibited at subway or street as an anonymity, people gonna think an art? So today I’ll ask an artist about his art work. This week’s artist is Jeff Baij.

These are the latest works of Jeff Baij. This arts also make me think a lot. I make question lists about this art.

1. Why did you choose yellow color’s clay? There are so many other colors like red, pink, blue…etc… I wonder the reason of why you choose this color.

2. What’s the meaning of this composition consists with typerwriter and clay?                   What do you want to say through this work?

3. What photoshop techniq did you use?

4. Is there any reason you used diffrent color’s typewriter for each piece of art? Or you just want to give difference of color.

5. Is this narrative photos or having different meaning?